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I've been collecting BSA patches and memorabilia off and on since 1977, when I went to my first National Scout Jamboree in Moraine "More Rain" State Park in Pennsylvania. Here are some links to my trading pages. Browse and enjoy! Hopefully you can find something of interest. If you do, please email me!

I have decided to hang up the collection part of my life for good. EVERYTHING on this web page is available for sale. Contact me for deals. Each individual piece is (or will be soon) priced. If something doesn't have a price or and "X" mark in the far left column, contact me.

Updated: 18 January 2015

I am interested in trading or selling my entire collection. If you want to buy the whole thing, parts, or individual pieces, please let me know.

Available Memorabilia

Spreadsheets (Excel) of the Traders and Needs:
Available Memorabilia