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The "Royal Flush" is the best of all possible poker hands and consists of the Ace through 10 of the same suit. The odds of hitting a Royal Flush are 649,350 : 1, or 0.000154%.

Download a Log Sheet to keep track of your finds and codes.
Use it to find the Final cache!
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As you might see in other parts of this website, I've been fortunate enough to have held TWO Royal Flushes in the time I've been playing live poker since 2003. The first time I was all-in with As-9s in the big blind. That time I cracked Aces but I was out of the tournament a short time later. The second time my opponent was all-in and I held As-10c. I hit the flush on the turn and the Royal on the river. I ended up winning that tournament.

This series honors the "Royal Flush" and consists of 20 separate caches, one for each card in a Royal Flush of each suit, plus a final. You must find all 20 of the regular caches in order to decode the location of the final. The difficulty and/or terrain rating of the caches in the series increases as the card rank increases. The 10 of Clubs (10c) is the lowest of the cards and the Ace of Spades (As) is the highest.

Each log sheet will have a number printed on the front underneath the Geocaching logo. Write down all of these numbers and which cache they came from. When you have them all you will be able to find the final. If any logsheet is missing or damaged to the extent the number is not readable, please contact us and we will replace the log as soon as possible.

FTF of the FINAL CACHE will be a sealed deck of Copag playing cards. Actually, there are two decks - one for the FTF and one for the STF. No hangers-on please, if you didn't find EACH of the 20 caches, please don't sign the log for the Final!

Final coordinates:
N 029 Ah+Ad Kd+Kc . As+10c Ks+Jc Qs+Qc
W 098 10h+10d Ac+Qd . Jh+Jd Kh+10s Qh+Js

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