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We would like to thank EVERYONE for the excellent turnout for the 2013 Classic Rhonda-Voo!

Here's hoping next year's show will be even larger! We had a lot of fun, and the Gambler's Choice Trail Stakes was incredible!

Thanks again!

The Classic Rhonda-Voo is a horse show named in honor of Rhonda Richard.

Rhonda had a horse named Sleepy Rhonda-Voo. This show is named in part for that horse, and of course for the definition of "rendezvous" - a place at which persons commonly meet.

1n 1993, Rhonda and her trainer, John Wold, were practicing for the Fort Worth Stock Show with her cutting horse, Dixie. While working one cow and moving across the pen, another cow wandered out from the herd. Rhonda and Dixie, focusing on the other cow, hit the wandering cow and did a forward flip. Rhonda landed in deep sand with Dixie's hip glancing her head.

After two brain surgeries within 12 hours and 26 days in the ICU, Rhonda moved home with her parents where she is given 24-hour care and therapy by the family.

This horse show helps support Rhonda's family. In addition to being a good cause, it is a very fun show and everyone there has a great time. Come join us!

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