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Those of you who know me, know that I'm a "truck person". I prefer to drive a truck rather than a car. You also know I drove older model Ford F-150 for quite some time, and then when that truck decided to give up, I got a 1996 Ford F350. It was a great truck, but this year it decided to break down three times, once causing me to miss a day of a horse show. Well, three strikes and you're out! With the special rate financing this year, it was time to look for a new truck. Here it is!

To the right are pictures of my new Ford F-350 crew cab dually. It's beautiful! Yep, "little ole me" drives this BIIIIG truck! And I LOVE to hear that diesel engine purr!

Now for my other "toy" its not new, I've had it for about two years now, but I have dreamed of owning a trailer like this for a long time. No more cramming everything into the extra stall, the back of the truck and every available inch of space in the cab. Now Dream (and KJ too) can ride to shows in style and I can have all my equipment packed and ready to go ahead of time.
And best of all... NO MORE HOTEL ROOMS!!!

My "dream trailer"! For years, I pulled a two horse tag-along and crammed all my gear into the extra stall and every inch of space in the truck. Its so nice to actually have room for everything!

Believe it or not, I can even back this monster! What really feels great is getting compliments on my "rig" from the truckers when I'm getting diesel at the truck stops!

Right side...
Truck Left
Side view of truck.
Truck Right
Front View
Truck Front
Rear View...
Truck Bed
Left side view of trailer.
Trailer Left
Right side view of trailer.
Trailer Right