Rules of Knock    
The objective of Knock is to have the fewest points in your hand when the hand is over.
Knock is played with a standard 52-card deck. Each player is dealt five cards, face down. The remainder of the cards are placed in the middle of the table and the top card is turned face up and placed beside the deck. The deck becomes the "Draw Pile" and the face up card becomes the "Discard Pile."
Each card in the deck has a face-value number of points (Aces are worth one point, Kings and Jacks are worth ten points), with three exceptions.

Queens are worth ZERO points.
Sevens are worth ONE HALF point.
Fives are worth ZERO points.
Course of Play
Once the cards are dealt and the Draw and Discard Piles are created, play moves clockwise around the table starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

Each player has three options:

1. Draw a card from the Draw Pile (and discard one card)
2. Draw the top card from the Discard Pile (and discard one card)
3. Knock

If a player draws a card from either pile, they cannot knock.

Play continues until either a player knocks or the Draw Pile runs out of cards.

If a player knocks, each of the other players gets to draw one more card (in turn).

Once all players have had their final turn, all hands are revealed and the player with the lowest point total wins the hand. If more than one player has the same number of points, the hand is a tie.
Field of Play
Click Here for a look at the field of play for this on-line version of Knock.
Money Play

Each player contributes the same amount of money ($0.25, $0.50, $1, whatever stakes the players agree to) to the pot before starting a hand. The player who has the lowest point total wins the whole pot (unless there is a tie, in which case the tied players split the pot).

If a player knocks and does not have the lowest point total, they must match the pot before the start of the next hand. For example, if four players are playing for $1 each, the winner of the previous hand wins the $4 pot, and the player who knocked and lost puts $5 into the next pot while the other players contribue their normal $1. So the pot for the next hand is $8.

Knock Poker

In this variation, the players are trying to build the best 5-card poker hand. Play continues around the table as normal, and any player can knock (instead of drawing a card) if they believe they have the best poker hand.
If you have questions about how to play Knock, you can email me at wveagle81 at gmail dot com.