A Dream Come True
Dream wins a World Championship!
Dream at the 1997 World Championship Appaloosa Horse Show, with his trainers, my husband, and Miss Appaloosa America

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Dream has been in the camera's eye ever since he was born. Following are some of the hundreds of photographs we have taken over the years. The photos are small versions of larger pictures, so to see the large version, just click on the thumbnail.

Dream as a foal
Dream as a foal
Dream and Franza Bar
Dream and Franza Bar, his Dam

Dream as a yearling
Dream as a yearling
Dream at two years
Dream at two years. Hard to believe it's the same horse!

My favorite picture
My favorite picture
Taking it easy at a show
Dream taking it easy at a show

Dream loves cameras
Sometimes it's hard to take pictures of Dream because he loves cameras!
Dream's loooong tail
Dream's tail drags the ground. People are always asking if it's fake... it's not! Also, with the white streak, you can see one reason he's called Pepe'
Dream and his friend
Dream and his friend August Nobile