Voting Functions

Voter Registration

Prior to voting, each voter will register and receive a Voter ID Card and an unique number. Voters will present this card at the polling location when they arrive to vote. This card will help ensure that each voter's vote will be counted, will be unique, and the person casting the vote is the actual person eligible to vote.

In-Person Voting

Voters wishing to vote in person will present their ID Card, vote on a touch-screen tablet (or paper if they so choose), and will receive a paper receipt listing their votes if they choose.

Mail-In Voting

Generally called Absentee Voting, this type of voting is requested by voters who for some reason cannot make it to the polls on voting day or during early voting periods.

After Voting

Once voting is complete, voters will be able to log into the DVS website using their Voter ID Number and private PIN to see their votes as they were recorded by the system to ensure proper counting.