Mail-In Voting

Voting By Mail is a less secure form of voting, but is necessary for those voters who are ill, immobile, or for some reason cannot be presentat a polling location on election day or during early voting. Dragon Voting Systems presents an unique way to perform voting by mail in an attempt to ameliorate some of the issues associated with this form of voting.

If a voter desired to vote by mail, they will be required to log into the Dragon Voting Systems website using their Voter ID Number and PIN. At that point they may fill out a request for an Absentee Ballot. This ballot will be printed at our headquarters and mailed to the voter.

This Absentee Ballot will contain a barcode identifying the voter to ensure the ballot is unique and cannot be double-counted. It also ensures the voter has only voted once. When the voter has completed their ballot, they will insert it into a Security Envelope, sign that envelope in the space provided, and then insert the Security Envelope into a pre-printed envelope and drop it into the mail.