Voter Registration

Every voter must be registered to vote in the state and district where they live. Over the years, the voter rolls in many locations have become outdated and extremely inaccurate. The difficulty in keeping voter rolls clean cannot be overestimated. DVS hopes to alleviate many of these problems by registering every voter in our system and allowing the voters themselves to ensure their information is up to date. Having an accurate voter database is crucial to performing accurate and secure elections, and a single voter database shared among all voting precints will help to eliminate double-voting, and a personal ID Card will help to eliminate instances of voter impersonation and deceased voting. The mission of Dragon Voting Systems is to ensure a safe, secure, and reliable election at all levels.

Before voting each voter must register with the system. The voter must show up in person to a standard polling location and present their state-mandated form of identification to the registration desk. The voter's picture will be taken, a fingerprint scan done, and the voter will enter a secret PIN (personal identification number) on a keypad.

Why a fingerprint scan? Biometric identification of a voter is one way to ensure the person presenting an ID Card at the polling location is the actual voter who registered to vote and was verified by their state as an eligible voter. Having a picture, PIN, and fingerprint gives the system three points of verifiable information to validate a voter and helps to give the voter a sense of security.

Shortly thereafter the voter will be given their personal ID card. This card will have the voter's picture, name, and Voter ID printed on it, and a chip on the card will hold identifying information to be used at the polling location. The chip will NOT include personally-identifying information.

ALL information provided by the voter during registration will be kept confidential by Dragon Voting Systems and will not be shared with any third party (other companies, individuals, or government entities) without the voter's express written permission. All voter identification information will be encrypted prior to storing on our systems.

Voter information will only be used for the following purposes:

  • In-Person voter validation
  • Mail Voting ballot production and identification
  • Voting system contacts for emails or texts about upcoming elections