In-Person Voting

In-Person voting is the most secure and reliable form of voting. The voter can be identified as a registered voter, and their votes can be cast on a secure device or on a verified paper ballot if desired. The voter can see their votes on a screen or on the paper and can receive a printout of the votes they cast.

Upon arriving at the polling location, the voter will present their Voter ID Card and enter their PIN on a keypad. This will validate the voter's registration information. If there is a question about the voter's identification, the registrars may ask the voter to validate their fingerprint scan. Once a voter is properly identified as a registered voter, they will be given a One-Time Code (OTC) and directed to a voting machine.

At the voting machine the voter enters their Voter ID Number (on their ID Card), PIN, and the OTC. The voter will then be presented with the ballot appropriate to their home District. It is important to note that EVERY registered voter's information will be available at EVERY precinct location, so it is not necessary for a voter to be present in their home District in order to vote. This will help eliminate one of the reasons why people request Absentee Ballots.

The voter makes their selections on the touch-screen voting machine and when finished, the voter will be asked if they would like a printed copy of their votes. If they opt to do so, the ballot will be printed at the registration desk and given to the voter when they exit the polling location. The voter will be able to correct any voting anomolies at that time by simply logging into a voting machine with their ID, PIN, and OTC and revisiting their entire ballot.

If the voter desires a paper ballot, their appropriate ballot will be printed at the registration desk. This paper ballot will contain a barcode identifying the voter to ensure the ballot is unique and cannot be double-counted. It also ensures the voter has only voted once. When the voter completes their ballot it will be inserted into a locked box which will be transported to the counting location once the polls close.